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      Day By Day was written by a young Swedish woman who learned early in life the all-important lesson of living each day with the conscious presence and strength of her Lord. Lina Sandell-Berg has often been called the “Fanny Crosby of Sweden” for her many contributions of gospel hymns. She wrote nearly six hundred fifty hymns that strongly influenced a large revival that swept through the Scandinavian countries during the latter part of the nineteenth century. At age 26, LIna had an experience that greatly impacted her life. She was accompanying her father aboard a ship headed to the city of Gothenburg, Sweden - sailing across Lake Vattern. The ship gave a sudden lurch and Lina’s father, a devout Luthern minister, fell overboard and drowned before the eyes of his daughter. Although Lina had written many hymn texts prior to this tragic experience, now more than ever poetic thoughts that expressed a tender, childlike trust in her Lord began to flow freely from her broken heart.


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