From left to right: Mark Lanier, Howard Rutland, Jack Armstrong, Brent Warr, Glen Floyd, Danny Jackson

The Bibletones Quartet was established in 1957 and has been based out of Gulfport, Mississippi ever since. Get to the guys by reading their personal biography.

There have been several notable things that the Bibletones have achieved during its existence. They have recorded over 40 different projects, including videos, TV programs including a weekly show in Tampa, FL., hosted by singer, songwriter, and minister, The Late Vep Ellis. The group has appeared on the Gospel Singing Jubilee, Sunday night Grand Ole Opry, The National Quartet Convention, have promoted gospel concerts in South Mississippi, many of those concerts were promoted together with the old gospel man, the late, J. G. Whitfield.

The Bibletones Quartet work mainly in the southeastern states with occasional dates in the mid west and northeast. The Bibletones has had the privilege of having had over 75 different members to pass through the group in its 52 years of singing. Names include men that were once part of or went on to other groups such as -- Paul Vinson (Dixie Echoes), Mark Flaker (Florida Boys), Tommy Atwood (Florida Boys), Billy Todd (Florida Boys), William Pippen (Naomi & the Segos), Craig Pippin (Dixie Echoes), Vaughn Thacker (Dixie Echoes), Pete Pitts (Naomi & the Segos), Tommy Randall (Plainsmen), Mark Lanier (Poet Voice). Howard said the group was organized to serve as a singing ministry and the Lord has blessed the ministry and allowed it to grow for the past 52 years. The Bibletone's hope and prayer is that the group will continue another 50 years of ministry.